Yo momma

1(If your car is insulted) Well, it rides better than Yo mama. Share on Facebook      
2After I'm done whoopin' your ass, tell Yo mama she's next! Share on Facebook      
3Have you heard the story about the old lady that lived in a shoe? Well Yo mama is so poor, she lives in a flip flop. Share on Facebook      
4Hey I'm jealous! Yo mama's dick is bigger than mine. Share on Facebook      
5Hey keep my mom out of this and I'll keep this out of Yo mama! Share on Facebook      
6Hey, I got nothing to say about Yo Mama 'cause she's a real saint... a Saint Bernard. Share on Facebook      
7I called Yo father a fag and he hit me with his purse! Share on Facebook      
8I could have been Yo daddy, but the monkey in front of me in line didn't use a condom. Share on Facebook      
9I could have done Yo mama, but when my grandmother gave me a quarter she said to not spend it all in one place. Share on Facebook      
10I don't mean to be mean, but Yo mama needs Listerine, not a sip, not a swallow, but the whole damn bottle. Share on Facebook      
11I got nothing bad to say about Yo mama, her face says it all! Share on Facebook      
12I just saw Yo mama walking down the hall with a mattress straped to her back asking for volunteers! Share on Facebook      
13I know yo mama from personal experience. She's just like an aircraft carrier, has a flat top, a big bottom, cruises up and down the coast, and picks up 100 sailors in every port. Share on Facebook      
14I know yo mama's favorite day at work is "Take your son to work day." I bet you had fun testing condoms. Share on Facebook      
15I saved Yo mama's life today... I killed a shit-eating dog on the way over. Share on Facebook      
16I saw Yo mama eating a Ho Ho and thought to myself... I guess you are what you eat. Share on Facebook      
17I saw yo mama riding down the street the other day on her BMX, the bitch got off and started booty shakin' for flapjacks with a vote for Bill Clinton sign. Share on Facebook      
18I seen Yo mama on the corner with a mattress on her back yelling "Curb service!" Share on Facebook      
19I would talk about Yo dad but I don't like to brag. Share on Facebook      
20I'm sorry, I shouldn't talk about Yo mama, 'cause I don't even know the man. Share on Facebook