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521Why do toasters have a setting that burns the toast to a horrible crisp that no one would eat? Share on Facebook      
522Why do we call them buildings when they're finished? Shouldn't they be called Builts? Share on Facebook      
523Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways? Share on Facebook      
524Why do we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are getting weak? Share on Facebook      
525Why do we sing "Take me out to the ball game" when we are already there? Share on Facebook      
526Why do we want intelligent terminals when there are so many stupid users? Share on Facebook      
527Why do we wash BATH towels? Aren't we clean when we use them? If not then what was the purpose of the bath? Share on Facebook      
528Why do women always ask questions that have no right answers? Share on Facebook      
529Why do women have smaller feet than men? It's one of those "evolutionary things" that allows them to stand closer to the kitchen sink. Share on Facebook      
530Why do you need a driver's license to buy liquor when you can't drink and drive? Share on Facebook      
531Why do you press harder on a remote-control when you know the battery is dead? Share on Facebook      
532Why does Hot Point make refrigerators and Frigid Air make stoves? Share on Facebook      
533Why does it take 3 pancakes to shingle a doghouse? Because a car can't pull a boat down the road sideways in 2nd gear with the windshield wipers running, and telephone poles don't have feet! Share on Facebook      
534Why does Mike Tyson cry during sex? Mace will do that to you. Share on Facebook      
535Why does mineral water that "has trickled through mountains for centuries", have a 'use by' date? Share on Facebook      
536Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet? Share on Facebook      
537Why does Superman stop bullets with his chest, but ducks when you throw a revolver at him? Share on Facebook      
538Why does the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin? Share on Facebook      
539Why does your gynaecologist leave the room when you get undressed? Share on Facebook      
540Why doesn't DOS ever say "EXCELLENT command or file name"? Share on Facebook